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Brian Wilkerson

Brian Wilkerson

Brian Wilkerson is a Trance/Progressive DJ working his way up by trying to get exposure and shows.

Brian also plays bass in a band - ‘The Sky Burns Brighter'. He bought his first bass guitar in 2003. He took a year of bass lessons, and then he learned the rest from lots of practice.

He knew that he wanted to be a DJ and play music since I was a teenager. He bought his first set of Technics SL1200 MK5’s in 2009, and started practicing from there.

For the most part, he learned most of what he knows about DJ’ing from just doing it - but he has met some awesome DJ’s who have helped him out huge along the way.

Brian is into all kinds of music, but when it comes to DJ’ing, he is all about Trance.

Trance is what got him into DJ’ing in the first place because he loves its melodic energy, along with hard pushing baselines. It is hard to pinpoint a certain type of trance track that he enjoys playing the most, he can go from playing fast and hard 140 bpm Epic Trance, to 128 huge baseline Progressive Trance.

Brian’s goal is to share his love of music and his own unique style, and to share his journey from the beginning to wherever the trip takes him.

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