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Dino Arcangeli

Dino Arcangeli

Born in Italy with trance in his blood, at the age of 17 he began to play, buying his first turntables and passionate about Trance music to develop a unique and original sound for his "Land of Origin" (Salerno).

In 2011 he created his personal radio show called "Break the silence" and today there are 130 episodes receiving lots of positive feedback from fans and professionals in the Trance movement.

In 2013 he began his career as a producer, cutting tracks like "The eyes of Rodica", "Overcome", "Ready to fly", and the fantastic "Into the blue" on Alyf Records, which has been included in numerous sets and compilations, both in the original version and in chill out..

Currently he continues to develop his radio show, and in 2019 there are already two tracks coming out..

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