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The Sunset Mix - Pakka
Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 18:00 - 19:00
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Pakka - The Sunset MixPakka - The Sunset Mix. Born June 1st, 1985 in Clermont FD, France. Rocked by the dance music of the 90, his desire to create his own tracks starts in 2000. After several tests and amateur remixes, he reaches his goal, 4 years later, his first signing on HYPETRAXX RECORD from «Embargo!» DJ.

Really interested by the DJing, he starts a passion for collecting vinyl including from artist like Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, DuMonde or Nu-Nrg and many other trance artists. He hones his skills as a DJ for a local radio station, he regularly takes to the turntables in clubs from in chilhood's city and became a resident DJ in a club, during 2005.

Towards the end of 2006 things speed up. He struck up a friendship with Josh (Janusz Turon) a member of the group Lunatic DJTM, Germany. Discussion after discussion, and they decide to create together, the Dance Hands Up project: DIRTY BOYZ. Alongside this project, they relaunched the existing Josh’s project : DANCEFORCE, LUNATIC DJs.

Regularly remixed by big names from Hands Up - Dancecore Germany and Austria stage (The Hitmen, Deepforces, Alex M). Their songs like « Jump (I Can’t Hear You) » or « The Energy » reached the high rankings of radio and clubs in several countries. All these projects found places on a long list of European compilations (Dream Dance, Hard Dance Mania, Club Rotation…).

Over these years of Dance, his sounds became closer and closer to Trance music. He decides to go out again under his artist name PAKKA with a single called "I Miss You". He signs this music on the famous label ALPHABET CITY. The shift is definitely taken his next single "Freedom" released on the Swiss label JOYRIDE of Dave Joy, and "The Light" at SHAH RECORDS, Pedro Del Mar's own label.

So proud of his collaboration with the delightful singer Denise Rivera, « Dream World » his new song released with ARISA AUDIO by Faruk Sabanci & Joseph Areas, he is working on some upcoming big stuff! Because in life, belief is the only way to taste our dreams!


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