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Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ Print E-mail
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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ for 1Mix Radio..Lange is recognised as one of the most influential dance artists of the past decade. A DJ who has remained at the forefront of the scene throughout his career, and a producer who continues to push all boundaries. After an exhausting list of achievements, counting among them 20 UK top 40s, featuring on a film soundtrack, and remixing mainstream artists such as the Pet Shop Boys, Lange remains one of the world's leading EDM producers. Lange, revisits the best of his label with a double remixed album out on Lange Recordings on October 17th. Boasting Mixmag’s Album of the Month with 5/5 along with a Beatport Number One spot, the album is already receiving massive praise from within the trance scene.

The album features some of the best remixes from the catalogue, alongside brand new takes on Lange classics that feature on the label. Lange has strived over the past 7 years to create a label that focuses on quality, bringing together new talent alongside the more established names of the scene. Some of Lange’s biggest tracks have featured on Lange Recordings, including club anthems such as ‘Let It All Out’, ‘Another You Another Me’ and ‘Sincere’.

He has invited some of the best remixers in the game to update some of his favourite work on the label for today’s club systems, while revisiting some of Lange’s recent big hitters in a new and unexplored direction. Keeping the ‘remix’ theme throughout, the album allows him to showcase a broader range of talent over the 2 discs, including music from Lange, Andy Moor, Mat Zo, Steve Brian, Tigran Oganezov, Dash Berlin, Mark Sherry, Organ Donors, M.I.K.E, Rafael Frost, Tritonal, Myon & Shane 54, Heatbeat and more.

Lange remixed sounds to me the perfect gift for Christmas for any friend, relative or loved one that happens to love trance music, or you wish to introduce them to Lange and his current sound.  So the time is just perfect to conduct an interview with Lange, and ask him all the details about the background of the creation of this really fantastic compilation which rides high at the top spots of many well known download portals.  

Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ for 1Mix Radio..Dimitri: Hi Stuart many thanks for accepting my request to reply to this interview. First of all many congratulations on being included once again within the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s list. Is it possible to give us a comment about your position within this pool, and afterwards a more general comment about the pool? Do you think that the new number 1 DJ, and the better placement of house DJ’s mean that trance is less popular?

Lange: Thanks, and thanks to all who supported me in the poll. House is more commercial than Trance and a lot more house has been 'crossing over' into the pop charts etc.  Maybe the fact it was a Facebook poll meant that the more commercial acts had additional votes from their 'pop fans' on Facebook, which wouldn't usually be targeted in a specialist dance music poll. Just a theory ;) Whatever the case, I thought it was pretty disgusting that there was boo-ing for Guetta at the awards party!

I don't think Trance is any less popular, if anything it's growing in many territories, such as the USA. 

Dimitri: In the base of the previous question I wonder if you are thinking to move towards a more house influenced sound in order to get accustomed to the changes and the new trends in the EDM scene, or are you going to continue your production of your sound?

Lange: Absolutely not!  I wouldn't change my sound to chase commercial success.  My sound has progressively moved into the 'Trouse' arena over the past year or two, but that's because I'm enjoying trying some different stuff out in the studio.  There's still a lot of trance in my sets though, I just like to mix it up a bit to keep it interesting ;)
Dimitri: I wonder if you were present at ADE in Amsterdam and if you can give us a short comment about the event and its importance and influence in the development of the EDM industry?

Yes, I played the Escape event over there with Andy Moor and John 00 Fleming.  ADE's a great meet up for the industry.  I didn't go to the conference itself this year, but it was still a great chance to meet up with a few people.
Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ for 1Mix Radio.. Dimitri: Your label ‘Lange Recordings’ continues to grow and now you work with Will Holland from Enhanced Music. Did you join the ranks of Enhanced Music? Is it possible to explain?

  Lange: Lange Recordings hasn't joined Enhanced Music, but Will Holland from Enhanced has come on board to manage the licensing and distribution for Lange Recordings.  We needed some extra help with the running of the label and we discussed the possibility of working together after he managed the Passion compilation I mixed earlier in the year.

Dimitri: You just released the superb mixed compilation “Lange Remixed” which includes brand new versions of some of the older tracks from the label, and some remixes from the past that proved its worth. How did this idea come about for this compilation, and do you feel that the trance community is demanding remixes of classics, or they are thirsty for fresh material?
 Lange: The project started out as a basic 'best of' album for the label, but I thought it would spice things up to update a few tracks too, and make it a mixed DJ album.  So it's kind of a best-of/remix/DJ mix album!  I think it's great to update tracks now and then. The clubbers love the melodies of some of the older tracks, but music production has moved on so much in recent years, that the old classics don't quite cut it in a modern driving set. Not all the tracks that were remixed needed an update tbh, but I had a few ideas of remixers who might give the tracks new twists!  Commissioning remixes is always a bit of a gamble as you never know exactly what you're going to get, but I have to say I was ecstatic with every mix that came back! The album turned out even better than expected!

 Dimitri: I wonder if the artists involved in this project were commissioned to produce the remixes or if you allowed them to choose the track that they prefer to remix.

Lange: I sat down with my A&R team to discuss potential remixers for tracks. There were a couple of changes but most of the artists were happy to remix the tracks we suggested.

Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ for 1Mix Radio.. Dimitri: It would be great to tell us if you have an absolute favourite from these new remixes, and if you can provide us a short comment about each of the new versions.

 Lange: Mark Sherry's remix of Songless is huge and definitely a favourite on the album.  I knew Mark would deliver a brilliant mix but he really excelled all expectations with his edgy driving electro mix.  It's probably seen the most support across the DJ spectrum and hit no.1 in the Beatport Trance Chart. Andy Moor also delivered a really great update of ‘Let It all Out’. Love the baseline groove in the new version!

What kind of reactions have you had so far about the compilation through the social networks, your DJ performances, and their presence in sales? 

 Lange: The feedback has been great from Twitter & Facebook and DJ support has been relentless with the new mixes we’ve been putting out as a follow up to the album.

Dimitri: Did you mix this compilation with CD’S and vinyl or did you work on it with the aid of computer and digital mixing software? 

I mixed the album in Ableton. You get the best result this way and of course it allows you to edit down some tracks so you can fit more tracks into the mix.

Have you done any upgrades in your studio lately with any new software or hardware? Are there any interesting developments concerning music composition technology?

I've just gone completely all Mac-based, although I've not jumped to Logic; I’ve personally always used Cubase.  

Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ for 1Mix Radio..Dimitri: We all wonder if you are working on a new album currently, and when will it be released. Can you offer us some insight about the collaborations that you have lined up for this album?
Lange: I've put a new Lange album on the back-burner. I’ve got lots of plans next year - singles under my Lange, LNG and maybe Firewall aliases! Collaboration-wise, I'm working with some great vocalists, but I can't spill the beans on those just yet. I also have some exciting producer collaborations in the pipeline, including working on a new track with Andy Moor in the New Year.  Can't wait for that! 

 Dimitri: The summer period has ended and I guess you had many performances all over the world. Would you like to choose your favourite event where you had the best time of your life this summer??

 Lange: One of my favourite events this Summer was Luminosity Beach festival, largely down to the fact I played 2 sets over the weekend, with one being a classics set. It's not often I do all-classics sets and I totally enjoyed it!

Dimitri: You continue the brilliant Intercity radio show. Would you like to tell us how the show is going at the moment, and if you believe that helped you gain more popularity and has it become a vital promotional tool for you? Can you choose a favourite episode that maybe you have an interesting story to tell us that happened while you recorded it?
The show continues to grow and it's being syndicated to an ever increasing number of FM stations worldwide.  Yes I think it's definitely an important connection with fans. I don't have a favourite episode that springs to mind, but I definitely have good weeks and not-so-good weeks. The show is about the latest music (except for 1 classic track each episode) so I'm heavily reliant on what new music is out there. That said, I usually have a few good tracks leftover from the previous weeks that I didn't manage to fit in a previous show in reserve, should there be a bit of a tunage drought! 

Dimitri: Do you accept demos from new artists for your label, or do you usually like to release tracks from producers that are well established in the scene so to minimize the risks?

We accept demos from everyone!  demos [at]  Of course, we have our regular artists too, such as Steve Brian, Noah Neiman, Deep Voices, myself etc. 

Interview with DJ Lange about his latest mix compilation ‘Lange Remixed’ for 1Mix Radio.. Dimitri: Please give us your message to the people who read this interview and your short piece of wisdom for brand new talents who would like to get recognition in their career.

Thanks for your support guys! My advice would be not to flood the market with average tracks, only put out your best. It's a really competitive scene and the vast majority never reach the lucky position where they can do music production/DJ’ing full time, so have a backup in mind. That said, great music does rise to the top, and you will get noticed if you're good. Unfortunately these days it's crucial to self promote, so if you're music gets noticed, make the most of it!

Many thanks to Stuart AKA Lange for replying to my interview in a detailed and informative way.

Many thanks to Ruth at Lange Music press office for her support and help in organising this interview.

Lange Remixed tracklist:

01. Lange – Songless [ft. Jennifer Karr] (Mark Sherry’s Outburst Remix)
02. Lange – Sci-Fi Hero (Organ Donors Remix)
03. Lange – Reflections (Lange 2011 Rework)
04. Lange – Live Forever [ft. Emma Hewitt] (Mat Zo Remix)
05. Lange – Angel Falls (Signalrunners Fierce Remix)
06. Lange – Out of the Sky [ft. Sarah Howells] (Kyau & Albert Remix)
07. Lange – Let It All Out [ft. Sarah Howells] (Andy Moor Remix)
08. Lange – Sincere For You [ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw] (Thrillseekers Remix)
09. Lange pres. Firewall – Kilimanjaro (M.I.K.E. Remix)
10. Lange pres. Firewall – Sincere (Pulser Remix)
11. Lange pres. Firewall – Touched (Dash Berlin’s “Sense of Touch” Remix)
12. Lange – This Is New York [vs Gareth Emery] (Heatbeat Remix)
13. Lange – Dial Me Up (Tigran Oganezov Remix)
14. Lange – Another You Another Me [vs Gareth Emery] (Rafael Frost Remix)
15. Lange – Happiness Happening [ft. Tracey Carmen] (Lange 2009 Remix)


01. Steve Brian & Noel Gitman – Luna System (Tritonal Remix)
02. Lange – Under Pressure (Steve Brian Remix)
03. Michael Jay Parker – Identity (Paul Vernon Remix)
04. Gabriel Lukosz – Last One Out [ft. Rachel Warner] (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
05. Steve Brian – La Gomera (Cressida Remix)
06. Bartlett & Dyor – Floating Beyond (Lange Remix)
07. Genix – Catch 22 (Akira Kayosa Mix)
08. Di-rect – Times Are Changing (Bart Claessen Remix)
09. Ben Preston – This Feeling Inside [ft. Susie] (Robert Burian Remix)
10. Whitecurve – Sonora (Victor Dinaire Remix)
11. Deep Voices – Autumn Leaves [ft. Alexander Klaus] Beltek Remix)
12. RB – Insider (Jonas Stenberg Remix)
13. Deep Voices – Heart of Glass (Ronski Speed Remix)
14. Poison Pro – Empty Inside (Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix)

Early support from Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Andy Moor, Gareth Emery, Alex Morph, Leon Bolier, Marcus Schossow, Arnej and many more ...



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