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Written by Dimitri Kechagias   

Cosmic Gate Sign of the Times 1Mix RadioInterview with Cosmic Gate about their album Sign of the Times – Deluxe Edition that is out now via Black Hole recordings.  Sign of the Times-Deluxe Edition features 2.5 hours on the double CD format, and the digital release nearly 4 hours of non-stop quality Cosmic Gate music! The release of the Deluxe Edition of this very important album in the ever-growing career of the talented German dance music producers, Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (DJ Bossi), is certainly the big news in the dance music scene this summer. The majority of the tracks included within Sign of the Times manage to get a release as autonomous singles, and top the charts on various download portals.

Deluxe Edition, is the perfect way of getting hold on the second CD of all the very successful remixes on the various singles, including Markus Schultz interpretation of Sing of the Times, the electro trance remix of Flatline by Kyau and Albert, the deep melodic and groovy mix of Duderstadt, on the modern trance love song Under your Spell, and the tech trance peak time version of London Rain by Stoneface and Terminal.As a special treat for all the faithful fans of Cosmic Gate, Black Hole recordings has commissioned brand new remixes that are play listed heavily by the most important 'A'list Dj’s in their summer Open Air festival performances. The Russian wonder boy, 'Arty' provides a warm peak time progressive version of FAV. The most talked about new German progressive trance meister, Steve Brian, remixes to perfection the sensitive Open your heart. Cold Blue transforms Seize The Day, in an epic electro prog trance anthem. Not Enough Time is reworked in the best possible fashion by Raver Rework. Finally, the trance maestro from USA, George Acosta, delivers a full-on progressive trance version of Sign Of The Times. It’s impossible to resist the urge to get hold of that double CD, as it is impossible for me not to ask Cosmic Gate for an interview to commemorate that very special occasion.

Cosmic Gate Sign of the Times 1Mix Radio  “Right after its release, “Sign Of The Times” steadily rose in the charts to truly become a Cosmic Gate classic. Besides “Body Of Conflict”, the album also harvested the hit singles “Not Enough Time”, “F.A.V.” and “Under Your Spell”. DJ's all over the world hammered the tracks in their live sets; fans could not stop dancing. The ultimate appreciation for Cosmic Gate’s superb release came during the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) of 2010, when they were nominated twice, in the categories ‘Best Trance Track’ for “Not Enough Time” and ‘Best Remixers’. When the German duo received the Beatport Award 2010, for ‘Best Selling Trance Artist’, they eventually caught the attention of Atlantic Records USA, who assigned Cosmic Gate to remix James Horner’s “I See You”; the theme of the box office hit-movie “Avatar”.

 With all these superlatives, one would almost forget about how “Sign Of The Times” came to life. In an earlier interview, the two German producers made it perfectly clear: ”Our goal was to create an album that works on the dance floor as well as at home, when you simply want to listen and enjoy the music. We worked with many new and known singer/songwriters, who were inspired by our music, as much as their lyrical skills brought out the best in us. We think our progression is reflected in these new songs, and we hope that the fans who followed our musical development since "Earth Mover", will read these signs of the times”.

   Now follows a short interview with Cosmic Gate, about their feelings on the fantastic year that they had after the release of Sign Of The Times. As a little extra, I wanted to ask a couple of questions about their fantastic mix compilation series Back2Back which its 4th part was released  some months previously. Many tracks that first appeared in that compilation, were released as separate singles, with great acceptance from the scene that proves Cosmic Gate’s ability to spot new talent, and bring it at the forefront.

Cosmic Gate Sign of the Times 1Mix Radio Dimitri: 'Sign of the Times' is your fourth studio album. I wonder if you could give us a small comment about the three previous albums. What do you remember most from them, and the track or tracks that you love the most.

Cosmic Gate: To produce an album is always something special, you put all your heart, time and energy inside, trying to show what your idea of music for the project is. Meanwhile after album #4, we do not want to say it’s a routine, but of course we know how things go. We just follow our idea and inspiration for music and go with the flow in the studio, hoping to create new music people do like as much as we like it. About tracks we love more than others, we do not want to say there are certain tracks we love more; all of them are our babies that we love.

 Dimitri: In what ways artistically and musically, was 'Sign of The Times' a departure for you towards a new and unexplored direction and musical port? Now that the album has won the test of time and  is back in a Deluxe Edition package, do you feel satisfied that you tried to produce something totally different from the previous banging trance material? 

Cosmic Gate: We would not say that Sign Of The Times was total different form Earth Mover, but for sure it was again a step more into working with real songs then just building club trax, that’s right. This kind of working includes a lot of co operation with songwriters and singers, and we like this, creativity from outside is finding the way into the studio, and sometimes lyrics put an unexpected extra into a track, bringing us new ideas, so definitely. The way we worked on Sign Of The Times is also the way for the future, plus some new extras, we will see...

 Dimitri:  You have been nominated at IDMA in the categories 'Best trance track and Best remixers'. How do you feel when you get nominations in prestigious categories like these, and do you feel that this great acceptance and respect from the dance community, obliged you to always come back with something better?

 Cosmic Gate: Absolutely, to get nominated makes us proud on the one side, and on top also gives us a lot of power to try even better the next time, work harder and deliver more and maybe even "better" music!!!

 Dimitri: You have been busy producing many remixes for variety of artists and you even transformed  the excellent  theme track  from the global movie hit “Avatar” into your sound. Can you choose for us your 3 favourite remixes that you have produced for other artists, and give us as well the reason why they mean something special for you.

 Cosmic Gate: As said before, all tracks we produce are our babies, so are remixes and we do not want to put one over others. Most successful remixes from last year’s sure were for JOC - Find Yourself, Fabio XB - Inside of you and our Fly Away Remix of Vincent de Moor. All these 3 remixes sound different but in our eyes in their own way work the dance floor and give a lot of emotion to the listener, and that’s why we like them!

Cosmic Gate Sign of the Times 1Mix Radio Dimitri: Some months earlier, your successful mixed series compilation 'Back 2 Back' continued with its part 4. Within this fantastic compilation, there were included many brand new tracks first released on that compilation, that after were fully released as singles because of your inclusion in it. How do you feel about helping upcoming producers with this compilation, and do you see this as the way forward for this project or do you believe that this compilation should include some big current club hits, as well as unreleased material?

 Cosmic Gate: We do not care for names when we mix, only the music counts, our aim is to give an impression to the people outside that cannot hear us in a club, to the current sound we play! When on top of this we can help new fresh talent, it’s even better, fresh blood and new inputs are always important for music, and keep the scene alive!

 Dimitri: Did you mix this compilation series with CD’s, or did you do the whole mix with the aid of computer technology and mixing software?

 Cosmic Gate: We do mix with Ableton, simply as we do not have 2 CD players with us when travelling, plus this software gives you the chance to try out things a lot, where do tracks fit the best, how’s the mixing of different music together, how’s the flow when changing tracks, definitely a tool we do not want to miss anymore. In a club we do see things different, we do not want to be standing behind lap tops, we want to be doing the mixing, not the software, this would be a bit boring to us somehow...

  Dimitri: The DJ Mag Top 100 Dj’s list voting system is running at the moment. Last year you climbed really high and I believe this year would be even better for you. Do you value the list high in your agenda, and is it important for your career to be in the highest position as possible?

Cosmic Gate Sign of the Times 1Mix Radio Cosmic Gate: Sure a high position in DJ Mag always helps, and we appreciate and say thank you for every single vote for us, but we have seen high ranked Dj’s suck, and others that are not in the top 100 rock dance floors, so we know that a list cannot tell it all. Promoters should always be open for new people and not blindly follow lists. In our eyes, a number doesn’t rock the floor; it’s the personality behind the decks and the music that gets played...

 Many thanks to Cosmic Gate for being so kind to get some time out of their busy touring schedule and hard work in the studio to answer my questions. Of course I wish to have done this in their studio while I was in Germany for Nature One but they were away for DJ gigs.

 Many thanks to the always welcoming and warm hearted Rabea and Christin at Kiss That Sound offices for assisting in organising this interview.  Finally many thanks to Jeroen and Mark for their fantastic supply of great releases for radio and review purposes.

 Track list of Sign Of The Times-Deluxe Edition:

01. Open Your Heart ft. Tiff Lacey
02. London Rain
03. Flatline ft. Kyler England
04. Sign Of The Times
05. Under Your Spell ft. Aruna
06. Not Enough Time ft. Emma Hewitt
07. F.A.V.
08. Trip To PD
09. Only Time ft. Tommy Clint
10. Arctic Sunset
11. Body Of Conflict ft. Denise Rivera
12. Whatever
13. Seize The Day
CD 02
01. F.A.V. (Arty Remix) (Album Edit) (5:06)
02. Open Your Heart (featuring Tiff Lacey) (Steve Brian Remix) (Album Edit) (5:44)
03. Seize The Day (Cold Blue Remix) (5:05)
04. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Raver Rework) (Album Edit) (5:21)
05. Sign Of The Times (George Acosta Remix) (Album Edit) (5:01)
06. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Club Mix) (Album Edit) (5:56)
07. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Sied van Riel Remix) (Album Edit) (5:20)
08. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Andy Duguid Remix) (Album Edit) (4:11)
09. Sign Of The Times (Markus Schulz Remix) (Album Edit) (4:56)
10. Flatline (featuring Kyler England) (Kyau & Albert Remix) (Album Edit) (4:52)
11. Flatline (featuring Kyler England) (Wally Lopez Factomania Dub Remix) (Album Edit) (4:28)
12. Under Your Spell (featuring Aruna) (Myon & Shane 54 Monster Mix) (Album Edit) (5:15)
13. Under Your Spell (featuring Aruna) (Duderstadt Remix) (Album Edit) (5:35)
14. London Rain (New Club Mix) (Album Edit) (5:22)
15. London Rain (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) (Album Edit) (5:08)
Additional info:

The interview is written and conducted by Dimitri Kechagias "Flux Bpm On The Move 



0 #2 Tranceaddict 2010-08-27 10:02
Quoting qazwsx:
best remixers my ass... cut the marketing crap guys, we all know it's not about "oh making great music and having fun". it's BUSINESS, you are making crap cheesy music so you can get more money and fame

Thanks for your comment, and of course, you are entitled to your opinion.. When an artist continues to sell music, some people must enjoy it, and that can't be a bad thing :lol: There is a big diversity in music taste, and thats what makes this business so dynamic..
Thanks again.
0 #1 qazwsx 2010-08-27 09:07
best remixers my ass... cut the marketing crap guys, we all know it's not about "oh making great music and having fun". it's BUSINESS, you are making crap cheesy music so you can get more money and fame

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